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White wine

Avludzena Dimiat

Delicate. Sleek.
This white wine has aged for six months in French oak barrels where we have reincarnated the traditional production of wine defining the Pomorie region’s grape Dimiat. The wine transmits rich tropical aromas accented with the freshness of ripe fruits and vanilla combined with a dense taste and hints of toasted oak.

White wine

Avludzena Chardonnay

Delicate. Smooth. Enticing.

This dry white wine carries a sophisticated character defined by six months of aging in French oak. Expect the fragrance of juicy citrus fruits, ripe grape, layered with the creaminess of vanilla. This well balanced stylish wine will amaze with its style and elegance.

White wine

Terra Anhialo – Muscat and Uni Blanc

Elegant. Fresh.
This sophisticated dry white wine has a tender, colorful aroma and fresh fruity taste. Enjoy this wine with light white meats, various cheeses, and fruit.

Red wine

Avludzena Cabernet

Rich. Inviting.
This smooth red wine has been refined for ten months in the highest quality French oak. The wine is full-bodied and distinctive with its dark ruby color, attractive aroma, and nuances of chocolate, mint, and robust fruity flavors of toasted oak.

Red wine

Avludzena Merlot

Elegant. Inviting.
Red, dry wine, aged ten months in French oak barrels. The wine aroma brings together hints of fine toasted oak with distinctive for Merlot nuances of red fruits, with smooth, harmonic, and well balanced taste.

Red wine

Terra Anhialo Merlot

Smooth. Enticing.
Terra Anhialo Merlot expresses a distinctive ruby color typical for this grape, aroma with nuances of red fruit and well balanced taste. Savor this wine for various meats and delicacies.


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