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Chardonnay 2011 – Golden Rhyton

Sophisticated winner
The wonderful combination of one very good harvest and the devotion of the Boyar Winery team have contributed to the unique, full-bodied and harmonious honey-vanilla-lime flavor of this wine awarded the highest honors for high quality wines in Bulgaria, Golden Rython. His plyten and harmonious taste makes it a good company for even the most discerning taste. The dense and harmonious taste of this wine makes it a good company for even the most discerning taste.


Syrah – Golden Medalist from the International Exhibition of Vine-Growing and Wine Producing Festival

Complex and Intelligent
This unique red wine, harvest 2011, integrates the modern methods of production and the high qualities of the grape Syrah underlined by one very excellent year for wine production. This wine has won the golden medal from the International Wine Exhibition in Varna, Bulgaria where some of the best wines on local and international level compete every year. Having aged 10 months in French oak barrels the wine fascinates with its deep and rich taste full of multi-layered aroma of black fruits, caramel, jam of smoked plums and of course the blessings of Mother Nature.


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