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Amarelle Natural Liqueur from Morello Cherries

Sensual. Enchanting.
Amarelle embodies the new image of one long lasting family tradition. Made through the infusion of ripe Morello cherry fruits with high quality wine distillate, this liqueur owes its impressive qualities to the „secrets„ of one old family recipe. The scent of Morello cherries with delicately woven fruit notes grasps the senses of aroma and taste.
Amarelle – one enchantment of a sweet scent.



Velvet. Sophisticated.
The specific sea climate has given a great advantage of the Pomorie region as here flourishes the grape variety Uni Blanc from which are made the highest quality cognac distillates. Thus, the blessing of nature, skillfulness and the 30 year experience of the distiller Dimitar Boychev have incarnated in the brandy Aristocrat. Stylish bouquet of aromas and taste with the sensation of warmness and maturity are the qualities with which you will remember it. Aristocrat – one symbol of perfection.


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