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Anhialo Grape Rakia

Traditional. Mellow.
This grape brandy is produced by a classic distillation method of wine derived from white grapes grown in the Pomorie region. It contains a nice amber hue with well expressed grape aroma and fullness in its taste that will remind you of the unique Bulgarian Rakia.


Anhialo Muscat Rakia

Fine. Sweet-Scented.
Produced from the aromatic, ripe grape from the variety Muscat Ottonel. The drink impresses with its detailed, tender aroma. Dominating are Muscat flavors, skillfully combined with the typical characteristics of every high quality Rakia.


Anhialo Grape Aged Rakia

Soft. Mature.
Carefully selected batches of grape rakia containing the cleanest aroma and flavor, aged six months in oak barrels. The symbiosis between the unique oak taste and fruity character of the drink create one remarkable result rakia that when tasted expresses a memorable feeling of warmness and harmony.


Anhialo Aged Muscat Rakia

Exclusive. Vivid.
n order to create this unique product, our expert distiller Dimitar Boychev combines the old Anhialo traditions with the most modern technology. Distilled from high quality Muscat wine and aged in oak barrels this rakia Anhialo will amaze you with its exclusive aroma and taste. Anhialoone challenge to the tradition!


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