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In its 25 century history Pomorie (until 1934 Anhialo) has had a turbulent and inconstant history - a Greek colony, prosperous city in Roman Empire, with the right to mint its own coins, a primary stronghold of the First Bulgarian Empire, the largest supplier of sea salt, rakiya and wine the Ottoman Empire.


After liberation from Ottoman rule Pomorie keep and reinvented their traditional crafts. Today the extraordinary progress achieved in the production of new assortments of white and red wines, special luxury rakiyas and cognacs. An important prerequisite for this success is the favorable climatic conditions in the region.


Continuous sunshine to 2360 hours per year, average temperature of air and water is 23,6 ° C. Consecutively alternating winds (breezes) of sea to land and from land to sea rhythmically refresh the air. The atmospheric pressure was 70 mm Hg. Because of the slow cooling of the sea water, the autumn is warm and long. The average autumn temperature is 20,5 ° C.


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