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Boi&Ar Winery offers a variety of wine tasting events.  You can select the one that is best suited to your needs, available time, and interests from the following four options.

Winery Tour Option 1

-       This is the shortest tasting event and it lasts about 30 minutes.

-        Price per person:  6 BGN

The tour includes a visit to the closest vines, the grape collection area, underground cellar where the wines are processed and stored, and the most attractive part, which is our underground wine cellars where we age our finest wines in French and Californian oak. 

In the wine cellar we will offer complimentary red wine.  During the whole tour you will be guided by a professional oenologist who will take you thorough the fine steps of wine making and will answer your questions. 
At the end you can visit our company store where you can choose from our wide selection of wines, rakia (grape brandy), brandy and liqueur at very attractive prices.

Winery Tour Option 2:

This tour includes a tour of the winery and tasting of a variety of our products.

-        It lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

-        Price per person is 16 BGN

The tour itself lasts about 30 minutes and contains all stages of option 1.  The wine tasting is done in a specifically designated room and is guided by a wine specialist who will show you how to professionally evaluate wine.

The tasting event lasts about an hour where you can taste two white and two red wines of our most interesting and highest quality selections. In addition, we offer complimentary aperitif drink by choice from rakia, brandy or liquor. 
During the tasting we will also serve a dish of various meets such as ham, pastrami, and sausage as well as cheese and mineral water.

We complete this tour by visiting the company store where we offer excellent prices on all of our products.

Wine Tour Option 3:

This tour contains a tour of the winery and a tasting of a wide range of our products.

-        It lasts about 1 hour and 50 minutes.

-        Price per person is 18 BGN

The first tour itself lasts about 30 minutes and contains all stages of option 1.  The wine event is performed in a specially designated room and last about one hour and twenty minutes.

Just like in option two you will have the opportunity to try two white and two red special selection wines. In addition, by choosing option 3 you will be able to taste our:

-        Rakia Anhialo Special Selection (grape brandy)

-        Brandy Aristocrat

-        Amarelle Liquor, from natural amarelle cherries

The wine specialist will share very interesting facts related to the production, the different vines, and harvest.  You will find it interesting to discover the secrets of the three alcohol drinks of our Family Collection.  In addition, to the wine and aperitif drinks we offer an appetizer dish as well as bread, and mineral water.

At the end you can visit the company store and purchase products at very attractive prices.



All requests for visits to all three options are made one day in advance to reconcile available times. End time for the reception of groups 15:30 min

Boi&Ar Ltd. - town Pomorie - +359 596 22420; +359 886 077 132; boyar@abv.bg