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Winery "Boyar"produces dry red and white wines, divided into two memorable series.
  Terra Anhialo- carries finesse of young wines with fruity nuances.
Avludzena , impresses with its rich and complex flavors, derived from the aging of wine in barrels of French and Californian oak.
  The notion of "Boyar" would be incomplete without the three types Anhialska Rakia (grape brandy) - plain, aged, and from Muscat, made ??from grapes from our own vineyards using the most advanced technology while keeping the authentic taste of traditional Bulgarian rakia.
Company pride is our latest collection, united in a special product series.

"Family Collection".

AMARELLE, ANHIALO, ARISTOCRAT- these are names that stand behind the impressive three drinks in which the experience of generations go hand in hand with innovation and ambition of the whole team of"Boyar":

AMARELLE - natural cherry liqueur

ANHIALO - aged Muscat Brandy

ARISTOCRAT - quality wine brandy

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