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Here in our winery „BOYAR“ you can enjoy many nice moments by participating in our wine tasting tours or simply by enjoying the scenery, which includes the black sea and our spending garden. During the wine tasting you will be joined by our wine makers ,


who will show you around the winery including the production center and the beautiful scenery of our vineyards.ou will have the opportunity to enjoy our best wine and rakia products and enrich your wine culture while being guided by one of our specialists.You can also experience many pleasant emotions if you choose to participate in our night dinners and wine tasting.

n the pleasant atmosphere of our restaurant a sommelier will serve you а perfect combination of food and beverages, most often thematically selected as desired - for example night of Chardonnay or Dimiat tasting
accompanied by fresh sea fish, or a night of red wines aged in French barrels accompanied by local specialties.


The Winery also has a hotel available and we also organize private parties and conferences.


Boi&Ar Ltd. - town Pomorie - +359 596 22420; +359 886 077 132; boyar@abv.bg